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PC & Laptops Services.
We can remove those troublesome threats from your machine that could cause data loss, operating system failure. They could also cause unusual access to bank accounts, online shopping accounts. 
Upgrading your windows pc to an SSD (solid State Drive) can improve the performance immeasurably. As the SSD has no moving parts the boot up times, response times etc. are so much faster than a standard mechanical HDD (Hard Disk Drive). We have been upgrading windows pcs as standard service for years and using mainly Samsung SSDs we have had great results and very happy customers !
So if your looking to speed up your Mac then contact us on 0151 648 3600.
Ram upgrades for your PC or laptop can also increase the speed of the device.....ask us about ram upgrades to speed up your pc or laptop.
Our Windows installation service can complete all Windows installations, upgrades and re-installations.
You may consider re-installing your computers operating system if it becomes slow, full of junk files, is damaged by viruses, doesn’t boot up.
Installation Service includes :-
Backup of data if requested
Installation of operating system
Installation of operating system updates
Installation of drivers
Installation of software
If data backup was requested, transfer of data back to computer.

Our repair services include :-

Component Level Repairs
Power Supply’s
Charging Sockets
LCD, LED Screen Replacement
Memory Upgrades
DVD Drive Issues
Motherboard Replacement
Water/Liquid Damage
Over Heating
Graphics Problems
Network Problems
Windows Blue Screens
Hard Drive Failure
Laptop Hinges
Laptop Lid and Case Repairs
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