23 Thingwall Road, Irby, Wirral, Merseyside. CH61 3UA
TEL:  0151 648 3600
Business support 0151 632 5970

Custom Built Pcs

Standard everyday Pcs.

At Pci Xpress we dont just put a machine together and send it out, we make sure that the cpus and boards are the right mix for optimal performance, we use the best quality parts from some of the top names such as Antec, Asus, Gigabyte, CoolerMaster, Nvidia, AMD, Intel. Our machine specs are put together with the customer in mind. We look at the customers needs and we build it to suit those needs and budget. We guarantee the parts and labour for 2 years as standard. We can offer extra in house warranties if required.

All our machines are load tested and set to run at optimal speeds and performance.

For business or pleasure

PCI Xpress can build systems for optimized for business and domestic service. If its for business we can build any specification required for the
environment they will be in. All our machines are intel based or unless specified by you the customer we can build AMD based systems as well.
So wether you want a standard Pc with 1tb storage and 8gb Ram or a superfast pc with a solid state drive PCI Xpress can tailor the machine to suit you. So give us a call on 0151 648 4600 now.

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